In whichever market you’re evolving, PDF Labels has a solution for you.  For food labelling, nutritional fact label, beer label, wine label, health product label, pharmaceutical label, industrial label or printed discount coupons our team has a solution for manufacturing a customized label that will respond to all your needs.

Pressure sensitive labels (self-adhesive label)

The most commonly used label on the market is most likely the pressure sensitive label.  The pressure sensitive label has his own adhesive on the back allowing the label to stick on various types of products and surfaces.

In-Mold labels (IML)

In-mold labelling (IML) is a decorating process where a printed plastic label is placed in the mold cavity prior to molding. The label fuses to the plastic container as its being molded. Result: label and plastic container become one

Non adhesive labels

This type of label can be done in multiple shapes and printed on various substrates.  As an example, we can find it in the horticultural products to identify plants species.

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